Electricity poses a major danger to the health and safety anyone who inadvertantly comes into contact with it such as through faulty wiring or damaged equipment.


    A person's hearing can easily be damaged by loud noises either over time or a one-off loud sound. Suitable hearing protection must be worn at all times.


    Any form of drilling can result in health and safety issues for those operating the drill and anyone who happens to be stood nearby.

Specific or General Health and Safety Training?

Health and safety training typically falls into two broad categories: general and specific.

General health and safety training is more theoretical and intends to provide course attendees with a fairly generic overview of common health and safety risks. The NEBOSH General Certificate is probably the most well-known general health and safety course available, with both a National and International Certificate available depending upon whether the delegate is working in the United Kingdom or not. This general training not only provides students with a thorough understanding of a multitude of common health and safety hazards in a typical workplace, but also provides a firm basis for progression onto high health and safety qualifications.

Specific health and safety training concentrates on a certain issue and provides detailed information and instruction regarding the specific risks associated with that task, processes or equipment used. It obviously has more of a necessity for high risk areas of work where the potential for serious injury or death is significant, with examples include training in asbestos removal or servicing a nuclear power plant reactor for instance.

The Need for Health and Safety Training

Regardless of the industry you work for, there is always a need to keep your employees safe while in the workplace. However, if your employees aren't properly trained to handle dangerous conditions or the equipment they operate, you could be putting your company and employees at risk. Fortunately, proper health and safety training can prepare your team and keep them out of harm's way.

Whether you are seeking a job that requires certain training qualifications or are a manager looking to train your staff, here are a few things you need to know before you invest in health and safety training.

Why Training is Beneficial

For employees seeking a new career, health and safety training provides a long list of qualifications that enable employment to become a reality. Because companies like to keep costs low, prequalified job candidates often achieve employment over non-qualified candidates. Proper training, therefore, gives you the advantage in your industry.

For management, putting your employees through health and safety training is a key factor in keeping your workplace safe and secure. It also prevents you from becoming liable in certain situations. A small investment in health and safety training today can prevent a dangerous situation for your staff and your company tomorrow.

Is it Right For You?

The current job market is competitive, to say the least, and by having certain health and safety training on your resume you stand a better chance of being hired for a given job. It also ensures that you are prepared to handle the responsibilities and dangers of operating in certain environments. In short, health and safety training is right for both individuals seeking employment and managers who want to enhance the competency of their staff.