All About Health and Safety Training

  • Health and safety is an issue that affects everyone in a place of work. Just one careless mistake and you may end up seriously injuring yourself which can prevent you from working.

    To be able to protect against accidents from taking place in the workplace there are a number of safety approaches that could be put into practice. These safety approaches can be shared with the entire workforce of a company by means of regular health and safety courses and bespoke in-house training - See for more information on this.

    Health and safety training is a key element to every workplace, of which it is the employer's responsibility is to make sure that their employees are prepared to cope with any unexpected emergency to ensure their safety in the environment.

    Health and safety training provides employees with an important understanding of what to do in emergency situations. It is usually considered necessary, and indeed is a legal requirement in the majority of countries, that all employers make available this training to their employees to keep them safe and sound and out of harm's way.

    Not providing health and safety training might lead to someone to be seriously injured or sometimes suffer a loss of their life in a hazardous circumstance. Moreover it prepares employees in order to discover how to handle difficult situations, defuse the problem as well as prevent becoming injured in the process.

    Health and safety evaluations and assessments are required to be conducted for all kinds of work places as it sets out the safety procedures for employees to observe and as well assists by providing employees ideas on how to diffuse any problem that present themselves while on a job.

    Most of the important problems taken care of during health and safety training include : responsible employee behavior, safe manual handling, avoiding slips, trips and falls through careful clean up, preventing the spread of germs through proper hygiene , safe disposal of hazardous chemicals, the importance of wearing protective gear, fire safety, first aid, disaster preparedness, stress management, risk assessment, organisational psychology etc.

    Undeniably some jobs are more harmful than others, thereby making it even more important to be aware of the danger if you have a job that requires moving hazardous materials. Often times, our job and workplace can expose us to toxic compounds which are harmful for the human body. These can be airborne and is probably not detected by us except if we have the air tested.

    If we are exposed to harmful airborne toxins, it could be fatal or sometimes can lead to serious permanent health problems. It is very important to have health and safety training in the workplace to discover more about the deadly toxins we can be exposed to and how to safeguard ourselves from them.

    Taking into consideration noise in our work place, noise is one thing we're so used to but whenever it is loud enough it may however have an effect on the way we normally function. Loud frequencies of sound can certainly prevent us from understanding crucial information which someone is communicating to us and additionally bring about long term loss to hearing.

    Fire Safety: Fire is very dangerous. it is very important to plan and arrange for fire safety since it can cause huge loss or damages. During a fire the situation can be intense and chaotic. If workers have no idea of what procedures to follow during a fire someone could easily get seriously injured or lose their life.

    As an employer it is your responsibility and duty to provide this fundamental fire safety information to your employees. By doing so it can enable the fire to be put out quickly and efficiently as well as avoid extensive damage to company property. It could possibly also allow them to get away to safety if the fire is too big and powerful to control. Fire safety information can certainly be provided to your employees through regular sessions of health and safety training along with having them gain qualifications like a NEBOSH Fire Certificate.

    In scenarios of working at height in a workplace, it is crucial to be familiar with the damages and harmful situations that may take place if an accident happens. Remember, "it is better to be safe than to be sorry". Here, health and safety training helps you to discover how to prevent accidental situation such as falling from height due to slips, and teaches the usage of basic safety working tools and gadgets.

    Ultimately, an enhanced understanding of health and safety issues can save people with jobs such as a roofer valuable time. If they are unable to examine the potential risks on a particular job immediately, problems could take more time to correct while the job is in process (i.e. a broken scaffold, or an inappropriate ladder). Even worse, an accident would certainly affect the employee as well as the long term business with that client.

    On the other hand, if roofers are provided with the appropriate training and advice, there is absolutely no underlying cause for why they cannot accomplish a job safely but efficiently.

    Why safety training is beneficial and necessary

    The main aim of health and safety training is to maximise the worker's understanding and awareness of the dangers they may come face-to-face with in the workplace, and also, more importantly , the best way to prevent and reduce the chances of incidents being encountered at all . Although risk can never be totally removed, employees that have a greater understanding of the dangers will know what to look out for and what they can do ( or not do ) to minimise the likelihood of accidents occurring to as close to zero as possible.

    Not only will health and safety training enable them to become more aware of the potential dangers, it should also inform them of the control measures which are in place to prevent accidents, and the company's health and safety procedures for working safely.

    Health and safety training which helps prevent accidents and incidents in the workplace will have a number of benefits to the company, particularly financial, making it an excellent return on investment. After an accident, an employee will probably will need time off to recover. This will vary depending upon the severity of the accident, but can be a significant amount of time in critical cases. The same can be said of those who become ill as a consequence of poor working conditions. Having an employee away from the place of work may cut down the total output of the company. If the company wishes to maintain the existing level of output, they will need to bring in short-term employees which will incur costs in terms of recruitment fees and having to pay them a wage together with sick pay to the person off work. As a replacement , they can get other workers to cover up for the absent one , but making people do part of someone else's job together with their own is likely to cause a fall in morale and a feeling of being over-worked.

    How Health and Safety Training can improve employee knowledge and competence to keep them safe at work

    Moreover it is important that workers often receive regular health and safety training so as to refresh their knowledge as things may possibly have been forgotten since the last session. Training also needs to be given when circumstances change, for instance when a person is transferred to another section of the business, when modern equipment is introduced, or there is a change to how existing machinery is used.

    A complete training programme covering health and safety dangers will certainly educate them about different kinds of problems that they might have to encounter in the workplace. As they will be forewarned about the problems they will be able to deal with the situation easily and will not have to face any severe accident in the workplace. Even when they encounter an unexpected accident, which they have not covered very much in the training session, the skills that they have learnt in the training session will help them in handling the situation effectively.

    In conclusion, investing in health and safety training can certainly be a massive boost to your business, preventing accidents as well as big fines or compensation law suits. It is always your duty as an employer to ensure that your employees are safe, and it is vital that you stick to it!