Electrical Safety Information on NEBOSH General Certificate Course

  • The dangers from electricity are prevalent in the overwhelming majority of businesses all over the world. Whilst it is so vital to power the electrical items and equipment which are so crucial for processes to operate and machinery to function, not to mention providing lighting and heating for the building occupants, electricity can be extremely dangerous to people if it were to come into contact with them.

    This means that electrical safety matters need to be incorporated into the company's health and safety training programme, including regular refresher courses, to ensure that workers of all ages and experience levels are fully aware of the risks to their health; from electricity and from all the other potential hazard areas which exist in a typical workplace. Electricity dangers and many of these other health and safety topics are covered on NEBOSH General Certificate courses as this qualification provides a comprehensive overview of numerous dangers to health, safety and well-being. It is one of the most popular of courses available to those seeking to acquire a general overview of the many risks which exist in a normal place of work. As such, the NEBOSH National General Certificate is taken by thousands of people each year in the United Kingdom, with similar numbers undergoing the NEBOSH International General Certificate in various countries across the globe.

    It needs to be remembered however that a NEBOSH General Certificate course will only provide a general overview of the main points associated with the different risk areas. The scope of the syllabus is to make those who study the qualification aware of the foremost dangers to their health and that of others, without delving into anything like the level of detail required to make them an expert in that particular matter. As far as electricity and electrical safety matters are concerned, the NEBOSH General Certificate will cover certain points such as:

  • The damage which electricity can do to the human body
  • Spotting hazards like cracked plugs and damaged cabling
  • How improper use can cause an electric shock
  • The knock-on effects of an electrical spark such as explosions and fires
  • Safe storage of electrical items, and how they can be affected by liquid substances

  • But will not provide so much information that it would make someone qualified to be an electrician or start re-wiring the electrical circuits of the machinery in the workplace. For this, additional study is required in the form of specific electrician qualifications.