The Environment and Health & Safety Training

  • A trend in recent years has been for health and safety managers to also be responsible for environmental issues with regards to how the activities of the business can negatively impact and harm the surrounding environment. This is because as well as legislation to protect the safety and health of people, whether employees or member of the public, there has also been a raft of legislation introduced by developed nations to protect the environment.

    Not only does environmental pollution affect the country where it is produced, but certain issues such as air pollution or that affecting a body of water such as an ocean can cross international boundaries. With so many nations pumping out toxic gases and pollution, environmental issues are often a global matter. As a result, international treaties on environmental pollution and climate change such as the Kyoto Protocol which sets binding emission reduction targets for countries are increasingly high on the conference agendas of world leaders.

    Courses such as the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate provided by the BCF Group have been introduced to cater for this new demand for protecting the environment and the necessity to comply with newly-introduced environmental legislation. As well as these conditions, companies are increasingly aware of the impact upon their brand name, image and ultimately their sales performance should they be responsible and seen to be a harmer of the environment in some way. This makes environmental training for employees and managers more essential than ever before for a business in the 21st century.