NEBOSH General Certificate and Legislation Awareness for Health and Safety

  • Many people, both workers and managers alike, are sometimes under the impression that after completing a health and safety training course and maybe even acquiring an accredited health and safety qualification that there work is somehow done with regards to health and safety in the workplace. They may even believe that health and safety is virtually all common sense, and that they already know all there is to learn about staying safe at work and preventing harm to others around them.

    The truth is that whilst a lot of potential hazards could be removed from the equation through common sense, it is not as simple as this for all dangers, and will require comprehensive safety training to make them aware of the hazard and how to avoid/deal with it, not to mention frequent refresher sessions to ensure that this knowledge is retained and ready to be called upon by employees when carrying out their usual activities.

    One of the most popular courses for achieving this purpose is the NEBOSH General Certificate as it covers a large number of health and safety topics that may be present in a typical place of work such as fire safety and hazardous substances. Those that successfully complete the course and acquire the qualification will have a tremendous amount of health and safety knowledge which can be put into practice when back in the workplace to minimise the potential for harm to come to themselves or others.

    Managers themselves will also benefit from NEBOSH courses including the General Certificate, as not only will it provide them with useful knowledge regarding staying safe and avoiding danger whilst they are in the workplace (e.g. performing inspections of the shop floor), but will also give them a far better understanding of the risks and hazards which their employees face every day, and subsequently what changes should/need to be implemented in order to improve and increase the level of safety within the workplace.

    However, just attending health and safety courses is not the only thing which managers need in order to ensure that they are providing a safe place of work for their employees, and also one which is legally compliant. For this they will need to keep themselves up-to-date with regards to changing health and safety legislation. Not only will this help to ensure that the workplace remains a safe one as far as is reasonably practical, with safety systems in place and a knowledgeable workforce, but also that they are complying with legal responsibilities and therefore do not run the risk of having action taken against them such as fines or prosecution.