The NEBOSH General Certificate to Minimise Accidents

  • We have seen on our main NEBOSH General Certificate course page how the qualification provides a general overview of a multitude of different health and safety issues and topics. It will give those attending the training course a great deal of information which they can then take into account and call upon when back in the workplace, with the intention of not getting or causing a dangerous situation which could pose a risk to the health and safety of themselves or others. The General Certificate therefore aims to minimise the potential for workplace accidents occurring, as a more knowledgeable and highly-trained workforce should be far better able to avoid creating or getting into a situation which has the potential to cause injury, ill-health or death to anyone.

    Unfortunately no amount of health and safety training or courses like the NEBOSH General Certificate can completely prevent any possibility of accidents occurring in the workplace. Risk exists to some extent in every form of life, and so the best that can be achieved is to lower and minimise the likelihood as far as is reasonably practical. On of the key methods of doing this is to provide health and safety training to employees on a regular basis, not only to provide this knowledge initially but also to ensure that it is constantly at the forefront of their mind through frequent refresher training so that they do not forget the information and will be aware of it always whilst they carry out their workplace tasks.

    Not only is there a possible danger to people, but businesses have the potential to cause widespread destruction and damage to the surrounding environment. This can occur accidentally - through an undesired incident such as an explosion or a leak from a storage area - or even through the deliberate release of waste or other particulates into the environment such as emissions into the air or discharge of hazardous liquids into nearby streams and rivers. The NEBOSH General Certificate, and associated courses like the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, can not only teach attending delegates how to avoid damaging the environment, but also educate them and managers as to how their current and existing actions may be damaging the planet.

    This means that NEBOSH courses such as the General or Environmental Certificate can be used to change attitudes towards certain business actions in addition to preventing harm caused by avoidable incidents or a lack of knowledge regarding how to perform and conduct a task safely. The level of detail and the tremendous amount of information provided on the course syllabus is one of the key drivers to the continued popularity of NEBOSH courses and qualifications amongst workers, managers and health and safety practitioners in a variety of differing industries across the world.