NEBOSH General Certificate for a Typical Place of Work

  • One of the main attractions of a NEBOSH General Certificate course is the fact that the syllabus has been created to cover a multitude of health and safety risks which can be a likely occurrence in the majority of workplaces and industries. Obviously there are significant differences and dangers in workplaces between varying industries, with certain hazards being specific to certain industries in terms of the substances used and the processes undertaken, but there also exist many similar dangers to health, particularly in a broad sense. For example, whilst only a handful of industries may use a certain type of harmful chemical, meaning training in the specific aspects of this chemical will only be required by these companies, nearly all businesses in every industry will have hazardous substances on the premises, even if it is just cleaning products. This means that broad and general coshh training (training in avoiding harm caused by hazardous substances) will be required for employees of any place of work, and is why it is a topic on the NEBOSH General Certificate.

    Similarly, other types of hazards which can occur in every - or a great number - of workplaces are also given due attention on a NEBOSH General Certificate training course. These include:

  • Fire
  • Electricity
  • Musculoskeletal injuries (manual handling)
  • Work equipment/tools
  • Psychological and mental health issues caused by or affecting workplace safety
  • Very few, if any, other health and safety training courses provide information on so many different areas of workplace safety knowledge. Although this does make the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification one of the longest in terms of time needed to attend the training (apart from the NEBOSH Diploma of course), with courses typically comprising ten days of training in order to get through all of the material, it does also make the General Certificate one of the most popular health and safety courses available today.

    Those who have attended the training and studied enough to successfully pass the exams and assessments at the conclusion and have acquired the NEBOSH General Certificate will hold a qualification which demonstrates that they have acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge and information which they can put to use when back in the workplace not only to prevent harm coming to themselves, but also to other people such as their colleagues or members of the public. They will also be in a much better position to actively participate in proactively introducing health and safety measures which keep everyone safe in and nearby the workplace, not to mention the environment surrounding the place of work.